We were the first female relay team to run the Bruce Trail, uninterrupted, from end to end.

The Nous Bruce Project was an end-to-end relay run of Ontario’s Bruce Trail.  In May 2016 , together as a team of women,  we covered the 894km distance of the Bruce Trail from Tobermory to Queenston, uninterrupted.

It took 5 days, 17 hours, and 56 minutes.

Thank you to everyone who supported our adventure.

Our Stories

Our Bruce Trail relay was a story-telling project. Our blog has plenty of stories about why we attempted the relay, pre-run jitters, and our reflections on setting the first time for an end to end female relay of the Bruce Trail.

We hope to inspire other women to make the most of their lives  - to participate, get outside, and to get active - despite the fears we all face.

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Many thanks to the following sponsors!

Thompson Law Professional Corporation, Barrie Family Chiropractic, Sarah Ditmars Sports Performance, Clif Bar, Enterprise CarShare, inReach Canada, St.John Ambulance, Buna's Kitchen. 

Christine Elliott, Gwen Brydso, C Ellwand, Phil Brasseur, Barb Castellan, Dianne Ytsma, Cindy Shapton, Matt Roorda, Erin Toop, Susan Tomovcik, Nathaniel Brown, Emily Wilson, Kim Lowry, Tejas Madhur, Gil Penalosa, Stephen Gillis, Emmy Podell, Lisa Fox, Punky Brewster, Robert Baxter, Audrie VanderWerf, Kristina Frappier, Emily Harrison, Janice & Chris Cleary, Denise Price, Nora Fyles, Deborah Cauley, Ruth Calman, Tasha Diloreto, Brenda Thorne, Erin LeCompte, Laura Bicknell, Steve Thorne, 8 80 Cities, Alanna Magder, Mark Whitcombe, Sarah Ralston, Chris Mansbridge, Candice Ng, James Malone, Judi Wilson, Felix Whitton, Lauren English, Stephanie Ireland, Miranda Priestman, Emily Munroe, Audrey Madsen, Alison Ramsay, Emma Ramsay, Caitlin Allan, Daniel Gutierrez, Michelle Nadler, Isabel Costa, Denise Wittmann, Tina Kainth, Julie Holmes, Katherine MB, Avery Bird, Dale Semple, Vicki Lee, Laurie Bell, Anita Bird, John Bird, Louise Hansen.

& our friends and family for all your support!

The Nous Bruce Project is an initiative of The Nous Adventure Co. We're a platform to encourage women to participate in sports, recreation, and physical activity.